Sometimes the cause of your pet´s illness will be obvious to the vet who examines him or her. In other cases it may be necessary to perform one or more further investigations to discover the cause or to check that there are no additional problems.

These may include blood tests, biopsies, x-rays, endoscopy, ECGs and ultrasonography, which can all be performed at our practice.

If rapid results are needed a range of blood tests can be performed on site with results ready in under an hour.

Other tests may need to be sent to dedicated laboratories for more detailed investigations but we will still have results to most of these on the next working day. Your vet will discuss the most appropriate investigations to perform if your pet is ill.

An accurate diagnosis will allow us to decide on the best treatment to make your pet feel better as soon as possible.

For particularly problematic cases there are also a range of specialists that we can ask for advice or refer your pet to. These will have access to much more specialised equipment like MRI and CT scanners.