• Choose the biggest hutch that you can.

  • Place it in a shady area of the garden away from draughts, wind and driving rain.

  • Cover the front of the hutch with a blanket/piece of carpet overnight in cold weather.

  • The hutch should allow your rabbit to stand up fully on their back legs and perform at least three consecutive hops.

  • The hutch should be divided into an enclosed sleeping area and a larger area for daytime use.

  • Provide a thick layer of straw for bedding in the sleeping area.

  • Provide access to a large grassed run.

  • Remove wet and soiled bedding daily.

  • Rabbits are social animals and are best kept in pairs or small groups. To avoid them breeding or fighting both sexes should be neutered.

Indoor rabbits

Rabbits can be kept indoors and make good house pets. However, they love to chew and can cause considerable damage so all electrical wires should be kept out of reach.

House rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray – paper-based cat litter is best.